Friday, March 6, 2009

Minoru - Semua tentangmu (Full Albums - 2004)


01. Sabtu Malam
02. Merindukanmu
03. Kuingin Kau Tahu
04. Sampai Pada Saat Itu
05. Sejak Kau Tinggalkan
06. Hampa Sendiri
07. Jangan Pernah Berhenti
08. Takkan Kulupa
09. Untuk yang Terindah
10. Sebelum Kau Tidur
11. Silence
12. Semua tentangmu


Recording an album for a major label was never the dream of this outfit from Bandung but, as fate would have it, their talent could not be contained in the capital of West Java. “Our creativity begins with our indie spirit,” says Berni Riana, the band’s main singer and songwriter. Like Ivy or Tahiti 80, the quartet creates a kind of melancholy pop that is distinguished by Riana’s whispery vocals. The group has written about 40 songs since they got together back in 1998. Twelve made it onto their debut album “Semua Tentangmu,” which means that we haven’t heard the last from the band who, rightfully, decided that their original name Minor just wasn’t accurate. As their big label debut proves, these guys could be major.

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